Be The Hit Of Your Business Event With Brooklyn Bagels

Let’s face it- nobody likes to go to meetings. It’s never fun to sit around a stuffy office or conference center, watching power point presentations and project pitches. But the one thing that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face is food. When there’s food at a meeting or other corporate event, people are more likely to show up, and more likely to pay attention when their stomach’s are full and happy.

If you are holding a business event, sales meeting, or meeting with a prospective client, now’s your time to shine. Bring in a basket brimming with delicious, warm, handmade bagels from the Brooklyn Bagel Store! Don’t let your coworkers and clients go hungry. You can select a wide variety of fresh bagels in classic flavors like plain, everything, sesame, and poppy seed, or throw in a few specialty bagels like our bacon, egg and cheese bagel, French toast bagel, or our famous spectrum bagel. Plus, add on delectable cream cheese spreads, and a box of our hot house blend coffee for a truly satisfying experience.

The next time you’re planning a meeting or other corporate event, let someone else handle the catering for you. We provide not only homemade bagels and fixings, but also other tantalizing treats like specialty bagel sandwiches, waffles, fresh fruit, cold cuts, and more! Boost happiness and productivity at your next work event with the power of food.

Reach out to The Original Bagel Store in Brooklyn to place your order today!