Meet The Coolest Bagel On The Block – The Spectrum Bagel

We believe that food should be fun. What you eat should put a smile on your face. And we’re pretty sure this hot new bagel will do just that. Meet the Spectrum Bagel- a psychedelic, delectable, laugh-inducing party in your mouth. This rainbow-colored delight has been attracting fans from all over Brooklyn for many years, and has garnered serious press from foodies and culturalists alike. It even has its own hashtag!

This brightly-hued snack is designed to make customers happy, and break up the monotony of your culinary experience. Not to mention, provide amazing content for your social media feed! And it’s no wonder- the Spectrum Bagel is a beauty! Vibrant bands of every color in the rainbow swirl and fold around the classic bagel shape, making you feel like you’re eating something out of a fairy tale.

Many people choose to go full-on rainbow party with their Spectrum Bagel, adding the famous funfetti cream cheese for a truly explosive flavor experience. Others choose to go with classic plain cream cheese, butter, or leave it untouched. It’s cool enough just having a rainbow bagel in your hand!

When you’re ready to get a taste of the most famous bagel in Brooklyn, come down to The Original Bagel Store. We know the Spectrum Bagel will send you over the rainbow!