Three Reasons Why Bagels are the Best Breakfast Food

These days, there are hundreds of different choices for what to eat for breakfast, from cereal and omelettes, to protein bars and smoothies. Early morning food trends come and go, and while it’s great to try new foods, it can also be nice to have a breakfast staple that you can fall back on. Bagels have been a morning classic for more than 100 years, and if you’re looking for the ideal breakfast companion, here’s why bagels fit the bill:

  1. They’re versatile

Do you prefer a sweet or savory breakfast? Do you like lots of toppings, or do you like to keep it simple? Bagels come in so many different flavors, as well as the classic plain, which can be dressed up in hundreds of different ways. Whether you like almond butter and honey, or smoked salmon and cream cheese, bagels are the perfect complement to your tastes.

  1. They’re portable

So many of us grab breakfast on the go these days, and we need a food that is nutritious but also easy to carry. Bagels are ideal for early risers and active professionals- they fit well in your hand, slide neatly into a napkin or baggie, and keep fresh longer than many other breakfast foods.

  1. They’re quick

If you would rather grab a few more minutes of precious sleep, rather than spend that time cooking breakfast, then bagels are a great choice for you. They are ready in only a few minutes, giving you more sleep, without sacrificing the important nutrition you need to start your day.

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