What’s Your Bagel Personality?

There are as many different foods as there are people in the world, and we love to celebrate our differences. Whether you are athletic or artistic, nurturing or cultured, there is an ideal love match waiting for you…at the Bagel Store! If you’re ready to meet your bagel soul mate, check out our parings of the best bagels for your personality type.

  •       Are you a high-achieving executive? Keep it no-frills with a classic plain bagel and a cup of house-brewed coffee!
  •       Love to take care of others? Soothe your soft side with a sweet cinnamon raisin bagel and a gourmet flavored coffee drink.
  •       Are you health-conscious? Check out our pumpernickel bagel sandwich with greens, avocado, and tomato! Pair it with a cup of herbal tea.
  •       Kid at heart? Get your hands on a famous rainbow-colored spectrum bagel, or a whole bunch of miniature ones! Dip it in delicious funfetti cream cheese with sprinkles.
  •       Are you reliable, strong, and hard-working? Dig in to a hearty bacon, egg, and cheese bagel, and wash it all down with a strong cup of Joe.
  •       Are you the sentimental type? Indulge in a specialty French Toast bagel with fruity spread, and a cup of hot cocoa!
  •       Artsy, creative, and cultured? You’ll adore any of our limited-edition colored bagels, the perfect accompaniment to a fresh iced coffee.

Of course, these are all in good fun, and we recommend you try any and all the bagels your heart desires- your secret’s safe with us. Come down to The Original Bagel Store in Brooklyn to make your very own bagel snack today!